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mastering preparation:

tips for engineers/mixers:
Please leave plenty of headroom on the tracks and don't use the normalise function. It's generally best to leave overall track limiting, compression and EQ to the mastering engineer. If you require 'louder' mixed tracks please do a separate version of these, leaving the original mixes untouched for mastering. Leave fades, topping and tailing (with a few seconds either side of the track) for mastering as well.

My preferred format is 24-bit stereo Broadcast WAV, AIFF, or CAF Data files. If sending a Data CD it needs to be a single session (closed/finished) and not a multi-session or re-writable CD-RW. You can also send SDII or regular WAV files. 16-bit files are also acceptable (but don't convert up to 24-bit if you have recorded and mixed the session in 16-bit). I can accept any sample rate up to 96kHz. Just leave your files in the best quality format they were recorded/mixed in; this should mean that dither won't need to be applied until it undergoes mastering. I can also accept standard Audio CDs (they should be playable in a regular CD player).

project information:
Please supply the following details:
-artist/band name and contact details
-the format to be mastered for CD, LP, 7", 10", 12"
-any timelines or deadlines
-how you will send the files (by uploading, posting a Data or Audio CD) and ensure that you provide the bit and sample rate information
-album title
-song listing with the correct track order
-ISRC numbers (if applicable)
-any comments you have about the album as a whole or for individual tracks: problems to be addressed or special spacing or crossfade instructions

you're almost finished:
I will send you the finished album via the internet for approval and following that, I will post you a CD master plus one reference copy or send an online master if you prefer. Whilst this can all be arranged via email, I do like speaking to clients before beginning mastering work to ensure I have the best understanding of the sound you are trying to achieve.


photo by Mari King
photo by Mari King