Sherry Ostapovitch


studio recording
and mixing


live/location recording
and live sound

installation engineer
and sound consultant

teaching and
community work

















































installation engineer and sound consultant:

In 2005, I worked closely with artists, Kim Gordon and Jutta Koether, at the South London Gallery to assist them in the set up of the sound installation, ‘Reverse Karaoke’, commissioned by Electra Productions. This piece incorporated equipment of a full band including a PA, bass, guitar, drum kit, and recording equipment to capture gallery visitors playing along with Kim Gordon’s vocal track. In addition to the assembly of the piece in the gallery,  I provided preliminary technical and equipment advice and trained staff to operate the recording equipment during the exhibition. ‘Reverse Karaoke’went on tour to Magasin-CNAC in Grenoble, France in 2006 and to the MAK in Vienna, Austria in 2007. I set the piece up according to Kim and Jutta's instruction and trained the gallery staff to operate it for the duration of those exhibitions. This September 2010, I was once again involved in the setup and running of ‘Reverse Karaoke’ at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire, UK as part of Be Glad For the Song Has No End: a festival of artists' music.

I have also worked as a sound consultant for several other Electra events, projects, and performances. This involves advising on the suitability of venues, musical equipment, and sound systems as well as any advice involving recording of the event. In addition to ‘Reverse Karaoke’ I have advised Electra on the follwing projects: Kenneth Goldsmith and Karl Holmqvist sound performances as part of 27 Senses, Jacob Kirkegaarde's Labryinthitis as part of Sound Escapes, the Wire 25 concerts, and the Trans-Communication Lab (Radio Gallery).