Sherry Ostapovitch


studio recording
and mixing


live/location recording
and live sound

installation engineer
and sound consultant

teaching and
community work









































































teaching and community work:

Music Technology Tutor, Morley College, London
2011 to present - I designed deliver term-legnth courses for Adult Learners: Mixing and Mastering Levels 1 - 3, Urban Music Producer Levels 1 - 2, Logic, ProTools, Synthesis, and short course: Location Sound and Field Recording .

Radio Production Tutor, Eclectic Productions, London
2011 - I taught a short course in Microphone Technique and Radio Presenting for young people aged 13-25. All of the students undertaking the course each pressented a 30 minute package live on air at Reprezent Radio 107.3FM.

Assistant Tutor, Eclectic Productions, London
2011 - I assisted teaching on a 10 week course in Radio Production for students at risk of being excluded from school. In addition to engagement with learning, producing a pre-recorded radio package for broadcast on Reprezent Radio, the students achieved an NCFE Level 1 Extended Diploma in Radio Production.

Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University
2004 to 2005 - I delivered the module, 'Capturing the Sonic' (school of Art and Design). This course covered a history of sonic art as well as teaching practical applications of music technology in sonic art.

Music Technology Tutor, Confetti Studios, People’s College, Nottingham
2003 to 2004 - I provided students with one to one training in all areas of music technology (software/sequencing/mixing desk/mics/studio skills) at levels from entry to advanced (industry training).

Recording Audio Workshop, Ladyfest London
2008 - I designed and delivered a group workshop that instructed attendees how to record audio via microphones into a laptop computer using the freely available Audacity software. Basic recording techniques and software editing were also covered.

Equipment and Technical Consultant, Girls Rock! UK, London
2007 - I organised all of the musical equipment and P.A.'s for 2 different full bands to be rehearsing at one time at the Ladies Rock! Camp.

Band Coach and Stage Manager - Rock and Roll Camp for Girls, Portland, Oregon, USA
2006 - I instructed and supervised a group of 5 girls (aged 8-10) during their band practice and afternoon workshops over a one week day camp. This involved providing additional instrument instruction, songwriting advice, and genearl encouragement during practices. I was the Stage Manager for the final evening showcase.

Reverse Karaoke Workshop, South London Gallery
2005 - I facilitated sessions for primary school children with the interactive art installation, Reverse Karaoke. The piece was thoroughly explained to the children as well as being able to used fully by them.

Recording Audio and Sequencing MIDI Workshops, Radiator Festival, Nottingham and Ladyfest Brighton
2005 - I designed and delivered two Music Technology workshops, one focussing on audio recording using Audacity software and the other on sequencing basics using Reason software.

Engineer/Faciltator, Fallen Angel Project, Square Centre Studios, Nottingham
2003 - I engineered and guided weekly recording sessions with youth at risk to develop participants' skills in the recording studio and songwriting.

Engineer/Facilitator, Aspire Project, Square Centre Studios, Nottingham
2003 - I conducted studio sessions with teenage mothers, giving the participants an introduction to the recording studio and an opportunity to record their own music.

Engineer, Royal Society for the Blind, Sirkus Studios, Nottingham
2002 - I engineered a session for a project that introduced blind youth to the recording studio and sound production.

Facilitator/Engineer, New Perspectives, Square Centre Studios, Nottingham
2002 - I conducted music and songwriting workshops with youth at risk that culminated in a studio recording session.