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After learning how to digitally master for CD and vinyl at Sirkus Studios, Nottingham in 2003, I’ve since been mastering from my home studio setup, Perennial Sounds. Most mastering is done unattended; contact me to make arrangements to upload files or post your CD. Please read the mastering preparation section to ensure your recordings are at their best before sending them for mastering.

Mastering Credits:
Sounds Good - Exhibition Soundtrack, Location One Gallery, New York
Muscles of Joy - Muscles of Joy 12" EP (Watts of Goodwill/Optimo)
HTRK – Ha 12” EP (Blast First Petite)
Olie Brice and Neil Metcalfe - Brackish CD (FMR)
Bela Emerson – Hespera CD (Bip Hop)
Bela Emerson – Laurasia CD (Drama Queen)
Bela Emerson – Kissing Nettles CD re-master (Drama Queen)
The Jelas - The Body Parts LP (Local Kid)
Humousexual – Grenzenlos EP
The Corey O’s – Your Name Is Poison 7” EP (Everard Records)
Urban Myth and Steve Beresford – Live at the Friends Meeting House CD (Planet Mu)
Army of Flying Robots/Taint – split 7” Ep (SuperFi)
Humousexual – Meaning to these Maps 7” EP (Everard Records)
V/A - No Side to Fall In 10”EP (IRRK)
Husbands/Drunk Granny – split 7” EP (Local Kid)
Our Beautiful Ridiculous Plan – Bleaklow 3” EP
Music for One – the Red Thumb CD (Perennial Sounds) 
Music for One – Okeh CD (Makeshift Records)
Music for One – the Insides of Her Insides 7” EP (Seren Records)
Music for One – Outside In CD (Makeshift Records)
Music for One  - S/T EP (Makeshift Records)
Designer Babies – Baghdad Boogie 7” EP (Gringo Records)
Designer Babies – Hot Baby Action 3” EP (Olwyn Plant)
Designer Babies – Monstrous Fromage Excavator EP
Escapologists – Starlight EP

I have also done mastering work for Kim Gordon with Jutta Koether, Charlemagne Palestine, Hard Skin, Red Herring, Butchers Boy, Bazmati MC, Family Outing, Drei, Truly Kaput and the Headless Prom Queens.